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Dr. Levy is an engaging teacher who frequently presents courses and seminars to dental groups.

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Some Published Articles and Podcasts

NYSAGD Journal Cover
"General Dentistry for Children with Cerebral Palsy,"
Chapter in Cerebral Palsy,
2nd ed; section 11, chap 3; Freeman Miller et al (Ed. in Chief), Springer Publisher, (to be released in 2018)
NYSAGD Journal Cover
"Comprehensive General Dentistry in the O.R., Part 2,"
, Fall 2016 (PDF of article or direct link)
AGD Impact Cover
"Stressed Out of the Dental Chair," by Lindsey Lewandowski,
AGD Impact Magazine
September 2016, Volume 44:9, pp 16-21, 32. (PDF of article)
MSDA Cover
"Why People Don't Go to the Dentist,"Maryland State Dental Association Newsletter, July, 2016, Volume 50:7, pp 1-12. (PDF of article)
Cover of Dental Clinics of North America
"Tools and Equipment for Managing Special Patients Anywhere," Dental Clinics of North America, Elsevier Press. July, 2016, 60:13, pp. 567-91. Purchase the issue for USD 31.50.
Frederick's Child Cover, June-July 2016
"Why People Don't Go to the Dentist." Frederick's Child, June-July 2016, Issue 3, pp. 28-31. Download PDF (1.6 MB) or click on image to open article on Frederick's Child website.
Cover of Journal NYS AGD
"Comprehensive General Dentistry in the O.R., Part 1," NYSAGD, Winter 2016, pp. 6-12. (PDF, 9 MB) Article opens in a separate tab.
Texas Dental Journal Cover
"Treating Patients with Anxiety or Special Needs: There's Always a Way," Texas Dental Journal, February 2015, pp 124-129. (PDF, 1 MB, opens in separate tab)
Cover of Geriatric Dentistry book
“Portable Dentistry,” chapter 18 in Geriatric Dentistry: Caring for Our Aging Population, Paula K Friedman (Ed.), Wiley-Blackwell, New York, September 2014.
Doctor of Dentistry Cover
Dr. Harvey Levy & Associates: The Best We Can Do for Our Patients (PDF,6.1 MB), opens in new browser window) by Klabin, R. Doctor of Dentistry, updated 2013.
Cover of July DentalTown
Dental Education by Circuit Training, 14:7. Dentaltown, July 2013.
Cover of The Waiting Room
There is No Excuse for No Dental Care: Overcoming Dental Phobias, in The Waiting Room Magazine, 1:1 p. 86 June 2013. (PDF of article, 195 KB, opens in a separate browser window).
Inside Dentistry cover
Getting the Best Out of Your Worst Patients, by Ellen Meyer, Inside Dentistry 8:9 pp.104-110, September 2012.
World of Possibilities Book Cover
Find 'Em and Keep 'Em, (PDF, 570 MB, opens in a new browser window) chapter of World of Possibilities, Mona Freedman (Ed.) Caring Communities, 2011, pp. 69-70.
World of Possibilities Expo Cover
Don't Let the Toothache Make Your Decision: Complete Dental Care for All (PDF, 662 KB). World of Possibilities Magazine, Baltimore/Washington Edition, May 2011, Vol 4, Issue 1, p 38.
Arizona Dental Association Journal Cover
Speaker Highlight: Harvey Levy, DMD, MAGD (pdf, 414 KB, opens in a new browser window) Inscriptions, Journal of the Arizona Dental Association, January 2011 (pp 44-45, 69)
"Management of Anxious and Special-Needs Patients: There's Always a Way" - Part 2 NJAGD Wisdom, Spring 2011, vol 11, Number 1, pp. 6-8. (PDF of article , 1 MB, opens in a separate browswer window.
"Management of Anxious and Special-Needs Patients: There's Always a Way" - Part 1 NJAGD Wisdom, Winter 2011, vol 10, Number 4, pp 5-7. (PDF of article , 1.25 MB, opens in a separate browswer window).
Cover of August 2010 Dentaltown
Debunking the Myths about Special-Needs Patient Care,by Harvey Levy, DMD, MAGD, Dentaltown Magazine, August 2010, vol 11, issue 8, p 62.
Cover of Winter 2008 DOCS Digest
Impossible Dentistry Made Simple (pdf, 1.3 MB, opens in a new browser window) by Harvey Levy, DMD, MAGD, DOCS. DOCS Digest, December 2008
MSDA Cover
Can't do This? Think Again (pdf, 302 KB, opens in a new browser window)
by Harvey Levy. MSDA Newsletter, August 2008
Profile: Dr. Harvey Levy & Associates, P.C. Family Dentistry (pdf, opens in new browser window)
FredMed Newsletter, Spring 2007.
Dentist Donates a Smile (opens in new browser window)
by Waters Jr., E. Frederick News Post, February 3, 2007.
Dr. Harvey Levy Receives AGD Lifelong Learning and Service Recognition Award (PDF, 60 KB, opens in new browser window)
Maryland AGD Impressions, 36:2, Fall 2006, p. 6.
Fighting a Fear of the Dentist (opens in new browser window)
Frederick News Post, May 25, 2006.
In Good Health--Teeth, Terror and Mr. Tickle (opens in new browser window)
by Leslie, K. Frederick News Post, May 25, 2006.
My Two Best Friends Just Met: Biomechanics in Exodontia (PDF, 1 MB, opens in new browser window)
by Levy, H. Maryland AGD Impressions, 34:2, Spring 2004.
Legacy Book Cover
"The Smallest Act of Kindness", (PDF, 1 MB, opens in new browser window) by Levy, H. Legacy: The Dental Professional, pp. 102-104, 1990.
Oral Surgery Oral Medicine Oral Pathology
"Impacted Fourth and Fifth Molars", (PDF, 1 MB, opens in new browser window) by Levy, H. Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology, 45:3 p. 489, March 1978.

Interested in Having Dr. Levy Speak at Your Event?

Dr. Levy is a PACE-approved sponsor of the Academy of General Dentistry and is authorized to award CE credits for his courses and seminars.

If your organization wishes to have Dr. Levy present to your group please contact us. The topics he offers are listed below and potential participants may watch this promo video (opens in separate window).