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Why We’re the Best of the Best – We Serve the Underserved, 8/1/22

The first round of voting for the Frederick News-Post’s “Best of the Best” continues until Tuesday, August 2.  You can vote once each day in any or all categories. We’d be honored if you vote for us as Best Dental Practice in Frederick, and tell your friends to do the same! 

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Even though you may have been coming to our practice for years or even decades, there are many aspects of our practice you may not know about. So,we started posting on Facebook the reasons why we’re the best dental practice in Frederick, MD.  

If you missed our first newsletter collating our Facebook posts for Best of the Best with Reasons 1-5, you can access it at

Please share this newsletter and our Facebook posts with people you think would benefit from learning more about us. Thank you very much for trusting us to be your dental care provider!

In this newsletter, we’ve compiled the following postings:

  • Why We’re the Best of the Best: We Serve the Underserved
  • Why We’re the Best of the Best: Our Tuesday Mornings!
  • Why We’re the Best of the Best: We Provide Dental Care at Hospitals
  • Why We’re the Best of the Best: We Provide In-Office Sedation Dentistry
  • Why We’re the Best of the Best: We Participate in “Give Kids a Smile” Program

Reason #6 Why We’re the Best of the Best: We Serve the Underserved 

Caption: An Extern from Hagerstown Community College poses with Dental Assistant Rodney V and a young patient, in the Give Kids a Smile program, 2022

Everyone needs to be able to have dental care. However, some patients either can’t afford it or can’t find a provider who can manage their special needs. Our practice is known in our tri-state area as being very compassionate toward patients who are often unable to receive the dental care they need.

We volunteer with several programs that offer free or discounted dental services. We participate with the Frederick County Religious Coalition, St. Vincent de Paul Society, Give Kids a Smile, Frederick County Health Department Case Management Program, and the State of Maryland Donated Dental program. We also assist with the dental needs of correctional facility patients. 

Last but not least, Dr. Levy is an on-call dentist at Frederick Health Hospital, and provides life-saving emergency care to indigent in-patients experiencing serious health issues.

When you choose Dr. Harvey Levy & Associates as your dental office, you’re supporting all these programs that we offer to our community at large. THANK YOU FOR CONTRIBUTING!

Reason #7 Why We’re the Best of the Best: Our Tuesday Mornings!

Caption: Sweet Maria with her Dad in our office on a Tuesday morning

Finding a dental practice that can cater to the unique challenges presented when treating patients with special needs can be difficult. This is why we have dedicated Tuesday mornings from 9 AM to 1 PM exclusively to patients with special needs. 

All patients with special needs — Developmentally or Intellectually Disabled, suffering from Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down’s Syndrome, Alzheimer’s Disease, or just very young and fearful — are treated respectfully and thoroughly by our highly trained and experienced team. Parents and/or caregivers can accompany the patient into the treatment room, and offer them comfort.

If need be, dental work can also be performed safely and conveniently via office sedation or under hospital general anesthesia.

We prepare for these days by having extra team members available to ensure that each patient’s needs are taken care of. Patients can sit in one of our eight comfortable treatment room chairs, in their own wheelchair, or recline on their gurney. 

Our team is specially trained in the tools and techniques that help patients with severe dental anxiety or special needs to feel safe and comfortable in our office. We truly care about ALL our patients!

Reason #8 Why We’re the Best of the Best: We Provide Dental Care at Hospitals

Caption: Dr. Harvey Levy with dental assistants Annette C and Kristy C in one of the hospital operating rooms where we treat patients. The hospital anesthesiologist is in the background

If you prefer to be completely asleep due to anxiety or fear of the dentist, Dr. Levy can treat you at a hospital operating room on a same-day-in-and-out basis. Patients who have special needs that preclude them from receiving dental care at the office can also benefit from hospital treatment.

When you wake up, the dental work is done, and you have absolutely no recollection of the procedures. Anesthesia is safely performed by a physician anesthesiologist or CRNA anesthetist using general anesthesia.

We currently provide treatment at Frederick Health Hospital and Meritus Medical Center in Hagerstown. We are gearing up to also provide treatment at two other hospitals, UMD Rehab (Kernan) in Baltimore and at AHC (Shady Grove) in Rockville!

Reason #9 Why We’re the Best of the Best: We Provide In-Office Sedation Dentistry

Caption: A patient in our office receiving nitrous oxide sedation (laughing gas) while wearing a pair of our headphones.

We welcome patients with special needs and severe dental anxiety. We incorporate unique techniques and strategies that help these patients get the necessary care and treatment that most other dental practices cannot offer. 

We offer pillows, blankets, headphones, sunglasses, televisions, and music in every treatment room. We also provide several kinds of conscious sedation including laughing gas and oral medication to help patients feel calm and comfortable during treatment. 

Dr. Harvey Levy is a world-renowned authority in treating patients with anxiety and special needs. He has trained our associates and hundreds of dentists across the USA on how best to serve these patients. Check out some articles Dr. Levy has written, at “Clinicians’ Corner” (, his website geared toward dental education!  

Reason #10 Why We’re the Best of the Best: We Participate in “Give Kids a Smile” Program

Caption: Part of our Give Kids a Smile crew in 2022. Top from L to R: Hygienists Flora W and Brandon G, Front Desk Coordinator Abbey M, Assistants Rodney V, Emily M and Lise M. Bottom from L to R: Hygienist Wendy H, Dr. Hailemelecot (“Dr. H”), and Assistant Annette C.

Unfortunately for many families, a visit to the dentist is a luxury. The lack of access to affordable dental care is why the American Dental Association started the Give Kids a Smile program, which encourages dentists throughout the country to provide free dental health check-ups to children from low-income families. This event is held during the month of February in recognition of National Children’s Dental Health Month.

We were honored to participate in the 20th anniversary of Give Kids a Smile which was held on Friday, February 4th, 2022. We have participated every year since 2005! 

Our doctors and team members enjoy dedicating this day to providing free cleanings, exams, and x-rays to more than 50 children every year. Everyone who attends this event learns about the importance of taking care of their teeth and how to take care good of their teeth at home. They also go home with a goodie bag filled with toothbrushes, toothpaste, and prizes! 

It is a privilege to participate in this event and offer this service to our community. We look forward to this day every year!


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