November 12, 2020 – Electronic patient forms!

This week we’re especially thankful for our Veterans and their families, who we celebrate for their sacrifices.

We’re also thankful that we’ve been able to serve you, without incident, since our June 16 reopening. As the number of COVID-19 cases increases in Maryland and nationwide, we are all set to continue to follow the stringent infection control protocols we implemented in June. Your safety and your health, and the safety and health of our team members and doctors, are our first priority.

Thank you for continuing to trust us, and for keeping our schedule filled. To maintain social distancing we are still seeing significantly fewer patients than we did a year ago. Thus, if you need to reschedule your appointment, please let us know promptly so that we can reassign the chair reserved to you to a patient on our waiting list.

Lastly on our list of thanks, we’re grateful to Sam, our front desk team leader, for implementing our Secure Electronic Forms system. Sam successfully dealt with countless hurdles to enable the system to work as we wanted, and we’re proud to say that the redundancy is gone and that you’ll only have to go through this necessary task once.

Secure Electronic Forms!

HIPAA form

Our new Secure Electronic Forms system is finally ready! You will no longer need to download, print, and fill out our forms by hand. You won’t need to scan them and email them to us, or physically mail them or drop them off at our office.

Goodbye also to the clipboard and pens and many sheets of paper!

(Of course, if you prefer paper forms, just let us know and we’ll make that happen for you.)

We will be asking ALL our patients to fill out these new electronic forms prior to their next appointment. The information you enter will be transferred securely and directly to your patient chart, and will be easy to edit in the future.

You can fill out the forms with any device that can open a webpage – a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone, whichever one you’re most comfortable typing with. Please schedule 15-30 minutes for this task, depending on the complexity of your medical/dental history and your level of comfort with electronic forms.

How to fill out our Secure Electronic Forms, with tips

Screenshots of the steps

You can access our forms here as soon as you have an appointment date. You will receive communications from our office reminding you to fill them out.

If you have trouble accessing our forms, please call us at [phone] or email our office. Once you’ve set up your Secure Patient Portal, you may also text us.

New on Our YouTube Channel: Dentures

Youtube channel

What are Dentures?

If you’ve lost all of your teeth, whether it’s from tooth decay, gum disease, a facial injury, or other reason, a denture might be an option to restore your smile. A denture makes it easier to speak and eat, and maintain proper nutrition which is good for your overall health. So, what are dentures? Hear Wendy’s answer.

Even though you wouldn’t have to give up biting into apples and enjoying corn on the cob, you may still want to take proper care of your teeth and gums so that you won’t need dentures!

Stay well, be well, and keep in touch! Now is the time for patience – lots of patience – and caution. Please don’t take unnecessary risks. And if you haven’t yet, and if it’s indicated by your doctor, please take the flu shot.

Dr. Harvey Levy & Associates

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