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Dental Assistants


Because you’re only seeing us behind PPE, below are photos that our team members took in their real lives!

Front Desk Coordinators



Abbey has been working with us since 2002, and has an amazing talent for remembering our patients’ names and faces. She likes to be resourceful and creative and is always in motion. Her favorite interests are gardening, baking, and repurposing salvaged items. For the past few years she has chaired our practice’s Christmas season outreach to San Mar Family and Community Service in Washington County. She loves to read, and her home houses both cats and dogs.

Samantha (Sam), Assistant Practice Manager, CDA

Samantha (Sam)

Sam has been with us since 2009. She is our front desk team leader and, since 2021, our assistant practice manager. With her vivacious personality and “can do” attitude, she will always try to ensure a positive patient experience. A fitness fanatic, she loves cats and dancing. She also enjoys reading, movies, and travel.



Ryn, short for Kathryn, joined us in 2009 and has a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and Master’s degree in Information Technology. She works front desk some Saturdays and consults with us on website design and updates, as well as designing some of our business cards, brochures and flyers. Ryn is a self-described crazy cat lady, who is a foster volunteer for Heavenly Paws Animal Shelter. She is also an avid gamer, from computer to roleplaying to board games, and has turned her dining room into a “Board Room” for regular game nights with family and friends.



Chelsea has been with us since 2018. She loves watching movies and can quote almost any line. She is a great storyteller who keeps us laughing. Her friendly phone personality is matched by her helpfulness digging deep for a detailed explanation when assisting patients. She loves going to the beach and has a cat and a dog.

Dental Assistants

Danielle (Dani), DA

Danielle (Dani)

Dani has been with us since 1997. Her infectious laugh brings joy to our office, and her beautiful smile behind her mask is unfortunately hidden these days. A gentle fashionista, Dani loves to travel and shop, to watch football, and take walks with her dog. She’s also an amazing grill master.

Annette, QDA


Annette has been with us since 1998. Her generous and helpful disposition makes her the perfect person to advocate for our patients who need to be scheduled in a hospital operating room. Annette is a great storyteller who likes to travel, to decorate, and to cook. She loves cats, dogs, but mostly her family!

Rodney, DA


Rodney has been with us since 2001 and we call him our MacGyver as he can fix anything in need of repair. A skilled lab technician and dental assistant, he loves technology, racing remote control cars, drone photography, and repairing old watches. Kind natured and good hearted, he loves to make us laugh. He is fluent in Tagalog.

Kristy, CDA


Kristy joined us in 2003, and loves to strike up a conversation with her patients. She loves watching storms and is our in-house weather woman. Kristy loves to travel and to cook, and enjoys talking about her cats! She loves the Caribbean.

Lise, DA


Lise has been with us since 2015. She will always take the extra step to make patients feel welcome in the office. Lise loves to go on runs, and practices yoga and meditation. A great cook with a quirky sense of humor, she loves to travel, especially to Denmark (she’s fluent in Danish). Between cats and dogs as pets, she prefers rabbits.


Kristen, RDH


Kristen has been with us since 2003. She truly enjoys working with patients who have special needs and with older patients. She prefers hand cleaning to cavitron. Personable and funny, she likes to swim and loves traveling to new places, especially if there’s a beach. She prefers cats to dogs.

Donna, RDH


Donna has been with us since 2005. She is comforting and flexible in meeting patients’ needs, putting them at ease. She loves sports and travel, and prefers cats to dogs.

Lindsey, RDH


Lindsey has been with us since 2010. She enjoys working with families, kids, and patients with special needs, and is fluent in ASL. Lindsey is Lead Organizer for our outreach program and represents our office at expos. She is a great conversationalist who befriends her patients, and loves gardening and knitting.

Wendy, RDH


Wendy joined us in 2011. She is fantastic with kids and with periodontal patients. She is great at explaining dental procedures in a way that is clear even to children. Funny and positive, she loves her dog, and to ice skate and cook (but not at the same time).

Flora, RDH


Flora has been with us part-time since 2012. She is fluent in Spanish and enjoys all patients, from kids to people with challenging periodontal cases. She enjoys educating her patients about their oral health in a comforting way. She loves to travel, garden, walk, and hike. She also likes experimenting in the kitchen and pampering her 3 cats, now that the kids are grown up.

Brandon, RDH


Brandon has been with us since 2014. He’s extremely thorough and will gently remind you to floss. He enjoys difficult cases and explaining dental procedures. Brandon loves to experiment in the kitchen, enjoys spending time outdoors, and is a dog lover.


Deborah (Debbie), Our Coach

Deborah (Debbie)

Deborah’s education and background is in Human Resources, Recruitment and Placement. She originally joined our practice as a Front Desk Coordinator in 1987, and managed our practice between 1990 and early 2021. Though the day-to-day operations are no longer her responsibility, after all these years she continues to be excited about coming to work and about making our practice the best it can be.

Lena, Vice President of Operations and Practice Manager


Lena’s education and background is in physics, instructional technology, and education. She first joined our practice in 2003 as a consultant self-titled “Director of Impossible Projects.,” She has been our Vice-President of Operations since 2019 and our Practice Manager since early 2021.