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Our Team

We are proud of our outstanding team of professionals, many of whom have been with Dr. Harvey Levy & Associates for numerous years – on average, 13.4 years!

There are many reasons for our low employee turnover, which go beyond excellent benefits. We are united in our commitment to our patients’ oral and general health. All of us are compassionate towards patients with special needs or others who are underserved.

Our team members truly consider each other a work family. We care about each other and we care about you, our patients.

Front Desk Coordinators


Dental Assistants


Because you’re usually seeing us behind PPE, below are photos that our team members took in their real lives!

Front Desk Coordinators

Abbey, Team Lead


Abbey has been working with us since 2002, and has an amazing talent for remembering our patients’ names and faces. She likes to be resourceful and creative and is always in motion. Her favorite interests are gardening, baking, and repurposing salvaged items. For the past few years she has chaired our practice’s Christmas season outreach to San Mar Family and Community Service in Washington County. She loves to read, and her home houses both cats and dogs.



Chelsea has been with us since 2018. She loves watching movies and can quote almost any line from a wide array of films. Beyond that, she is a great storyteller who infused our workspace with laughter. Her friendly phone personality is matched by her helpfulness in digging deep for a detailed explanation when assisting patients. She loves going to the beach and has a cat and a dog.



Kari joined our front desk team in 2023. She originally hails from Nashville, but we have made her feel right at home. She enjoys seeing the smile on a patient’s face after they have finished their appointment with our office. Her passion is writing and she hopes to one day write a book!


Danielle (Dani), DA

Danielle (Dani)

Dani has been with us since 1997. She is one of our exceptional team members who is crossed trained in dental assisting and front desk duties. Her infectious laugh brings joy to our office, and her beautiful smile behind her mask is unfortunately hidden these days. A gentle fashionista, Dani loves to travel and shop, to watch football, and take walks with her dog. She’s also an amazing grill master.

Oscar, DA

Oscar joined our team in 2022. He moved to the area from New Jersey and is still getting the hang of pumping his own gas. He joined our team with 12 years’ experience as a dental assistant and front desk coordinator, and enjoys helping patients achieve the best patient experience. Oscar has a love for fashion, design, and cooking. Among the many talents he brings to our office, Oscar is bilingual in Spanish and English!

Dental Assistants

Annette, QDA, Team Lead


Annette has been with us since 1998. Her generous and helpful disposition makes her the perfect person to advocate for our patients who need to be scheduled in a hospital operating room. Annette is a great storyteller who likes to travel, to decorate, and to cook. She loves cats, dogs, but mostly her family!

Rodney, DA


Rodney, our MacGyver, has been an integral part of our team since 2001. His remarkable ability to mend anything in need of repair has earned him this endearing nickname. Serving as a proficient lab technician and dental assistant, Rodney’s passions span across technology, remote control car racing, drone photography, and the restoration of vintage watches. His kind-hearted and good-natured demeanor radiates positivity, and he never fails to bring smiles to our faces with his humor. Fluent in Tagalog, Rodney’s versatility and skills enrich our practice in countless ways.

Kristy, CDA


Since 2003, Kristy has been a cherished addition to our team, infusing her warm personality into every patient interaction. Known for her ability to effortlessly strike up engaging conversations, she creates a welcoming atmosphere that puts patients at ease. Kristy’s fascination with storms has earned her the endearing title of our in-house weather woman. She has a passion for travel and cooking and loves to talk about her cats! Among her many loves, the Caribbean holds a special place in Kristy’s heart.


Ana, DA

Ana joined us in 2022. She has loved working with her hands and making art, as well as reading since she was a child – all of which helped guide her to a career in dentistry. She loves navigating difficult cases that challenge her experience, knowledge, and problem solving skills. Ana is quiet and serious when she is working, but outside of work with her family and friends, she is the funniest out of everyone!

Lauri, DA

Lauri joined our team in 2023. She started her dental career as an orthodontist assistant and then went back to school to became licensed as a full general chairside assistant. Lauri wears her heart on her sleeve and is a hopeless romantic. She loves to garden and fish and her favorite title is “Gammie” – she loves being a grandma! 



Brandon, RDH, Team Lead


Brandon has been with us since 2014. He’s extremely thorough and will gently remind you to floss. He enjoys difficult cases and explaining dental procedures. Brandon loves to experiment in the kitchen, enjoys spending time outdoors, and is a dog lover.

Kristen, RDH


Kristen has been with us since 2003. She truly enjoys working with patients who have special needs and with older patients. She prefers hand cleaning to cavitron. Personable and funny, she likes to swim and loves traveling to new places, especially if there’s a beach. She prefers cats to dogs.


Flora, RDH


Flora started with us part-time in 2012, but now works with us full time. She is fluent in Spanish and enjoys all patients, from kids to people with challenging periodontal cases. She enjoys educating her patients about their oral health in a comforting way. She loves to travel, garden, walk, and hike. She also likes experimenting in the kitchen and pampering her 3 cats, now that the kids are grown up.

Tyann, RDH

Tyann joined our practice in 2023. She has always had a passion for helping people and knew from an early age that she wanted to get into health care. After trying her hand at early childhood education, she made the switch to the dental field where she really found her place. Tyann is a master at juggling going to working, caring for her two children, and going to school. She hopes to finish her bachelor’s degree so that she can one day teach!

Deb, RDH

Deb has been working with us part-time since 2021. She started her career in the dental field right out of high school when her dentist offered to train her dental assisting. She enjoyed dentistry so much that she went to school to become a hygienist and has explored all of the jobs in the dental field except being a dentist! She loves what she does and appreciates the flexibility of being a part-time team member.

Kailea, RDH

Kailea joined our team part-time in 2021. She began her career as a dental assistant and then went back to school to become a hygienist. She love to help people and is a great multi-tasker. When she is not cleaning teeth or educating patients on flossing technique, she enjoys making jewelry.


Lena, Vice President of Operations and Practice Manager


Lena’s education and background is in physics, instructional technology, and education. She first joined our practice in 2003 as a consultant self-titled “Director of Impossible Projects”. She has been our Vice-President of Operations since 2019 and our Practice Manager since early 2021.

Samantha (Sam), Assistant Practice Manager, CDA

Samantha (Sam)

Sam has been with us since 2009 and became our our assistant practice manager in 2021. With her vivacious personality and “can do” attitude, she will always try to ensure a positive patient experience. A fitness fanatic, she loves cats and dancing. She also enjoys reading, movies, and travel.


Deborah (Debbie), HR Support Person

Deborah (Debbie)

Deborah’s education and background is in Human Resources, Recruitment and Placement. She originally joined our practice as a Front Desk Coordinator in 1987, and managed our practice between 1990 and early 2021. Though the day-to-day operations are no longer her responsibility, after all these years she continues to be excited about coming to work and about making our practice the best it can be.

Ryn, Wizard for Hire


Ryn, short for Kathryn, joined us in 2009 and has a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and Master’s degree in Information Technology. She works the front desk some Saturdays and works behind the scenes on our monthly newsletters, website updates, and social media posts. Ryn is a self-described crazy cat lady and loves to spend the weekend playing board games with her friends and family.

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