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Pandemic Frequently Asked Questions

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These questions are specific to how our office is keeping you safe despite the difficulties of seeing patients during a pandemic. For more information, please review the complete explaination of our pandemic safety protocols.

Safety is a personal decision. We feel safe coming in to work. Read what we’re doing to keep you safe. Or watch this video we made.

Please call our front desk coordinators at (301) 690-9494.

Yes. You can fill out our forms online as soon as you have an appointment, and update them via our secure Patient Portal. Our new Portal also enables you to securely exchange text messages, emails and attachments with our office, view and request appointments, and set up cell phone and email notifications. Finally, our credit card reader is now touchless and separated from our team members by plexiglass.

2 or 3 is a reasonable number to try to get into our schedule at similar appointment times. Because we restrict the number of people in our treatment rooms and can not currently accommodate patients in our waiting room, please call us at (301) 690-9494 to find out how we can best serve your family. It may take more than one visit, for now.

Only one of our hygiene treatment rooms is equipped with an extraoral high speed evacuation (EHSE) unit. In that room the hygienist is able to use the Cavitron and polish your teeth at the end. In the other rooms our hygienists will hand scale your teeth, but not polish your teeth at the end of the hour. We are awaiting delivery of more EHSE units to equip all our hygiene rooms to suction the aerosols.

Yes. Hand scaling is the most effective treatment to prevent and treat gum disease by removing the plaque and tartar build-up below the gums. The polish afterwards is mostly cosmetic. The doctor will still check your mouth for cavities and other concerns, and take x-rays as needed.

Currently, we have suspended our “Special Needs Tuesdays” because we’re restricting the number of people in our treatment rooms. We are still able to schedule appointments for our non-combative patients with special needs during our regular hours. We are working hard to be able to resume preventive care of patients whose needs are more extensive.

Please call the office at (301) 690-9494 to work out accommodations.

We are now opening two Saturdays per month from 8 AM – 2 PM (please call to find out specific dates). We are open to 6 PM on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and to 5 PM other weekdays. It is not currently known when we’ll be able to offer later evening hours.