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Why Choose Us?

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As a general dental practice, we have an award-winning, outstanding team of dentists and clinicians who provide a wide range of services from routine exams and cleanings to restorative services and cosmetic enhancements to oral surgery extractions. Our goal is to not only improve your oral health but your overall well-being. We encourage all of our patients to get into the routine of twice-yearly dental exams and practice good oral hygiene at home to keep their teeth and gums healthy as long as possible.

When oral health concerns do arise, we want you to know that we are equipped to treat them quickly and effectively. We will never force a particular treatment and will help you choose your best course of action by helping you to understand:

  • What your diagnosis is, and what possible treatments we can offer;
  • The professional opinion of the dentist(s) about which plan is best for you;
  • The fact that the decision is yours to make, based on what seems right to you.

Special Needs or High Anxiety?

We welcome patients with special needs and severe dental anxiety. We incorporate unique techniques and strategies that help these patients get the necessary care and treatment that most other dental practices cannot offer. Dr. Levy is a world renowned authority in working with such patients, and has trained our associates. Check out some articles that Dr. Levy has written. We offer pillows, headphones, televisions and music in every treatment room. We also provide several kinds of conscious sedation including laughing gas and oral medication to help you feel calm and comfortable during your treatment. We are also able to perform all the necessary dental work in a single visit under general anesthesia at a dental surgery center or hospital.

Flexible Care

Our office is wheelchair and gurney accessible. Patients never have to be moved into an office chair. Our hygienists and doctors can perform cleanings and other procedures while you sit in one of our nine comfortable treatment room chairs, sit in your own wheelchair, recline on a gurney, or are sedated or asleep at a dental surgery center or hospital operating room. We also attend to patients in local nursing homes and other of-site locations, when appropriate under COVID-19 restrictions.

Our Commitment to the Community

We’re proud of the work we do in the community and the ways that we give back. From treating patients that no one else is able to see to offering discounted and free services to patients in need, Dr. Harvey Levy & Associates are grateful for the opportunity to serve.