Levy & Associates Office

Our Location

Our location is conveniently positioned at the corner of Thomas Johnson (TJ) Drive and Opossumtown Pike in Frederick, MD. Which is most easily accessed off of US-15 at exit 16 (north or south bound). Use Google Maps to easily navigate to our office.

However, navigating into and out of our parking lot and building can be tricky.  To help make your visit go as smoothly as possible, We’ve provided helpful maps below. You should also check out our Office Tour or meet Our Team as an added step in preparing for your appointment.

Parking Lot

Entrances in green

Exits in red

Parking Lot at Levy & Associates Office


Opossumtown Pike is on the left of the image, Thomas Johnson Drive on the top.

Building at Levy & Associates Office

Back Entrance to Parking Lot

If you have another appointment down Thomas Johnson Drive before your appointment with us, you won’t be able to make a left straight into our parking lot from TJ Drive. Before you get to our building turn left into the Frederick Health Surgery center parking lot and drive straight through. There is a small cut through into the parking lot with the Dunkin Donuts where you can then cut through again to our parking lot.

Back Entrance to Parking Lot at Levy & Associates Office

We hope that this location page with maps of our building and parking lot has helped prepare you for your visit with our practice. If you have any questions require any assistance with getting to our office, please call us at 301-663-8300. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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